3 Ball Respiratory Exerciser (RESEX-3950)

3 Ball Respiratory Exerciser (RESEX-3950)

The Incentive Spirometer is ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining your respiratory fitness. The Spirometer is a deep Breathing Exerciser that has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging you to take a slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration.

  • Features
    • Light weight for ease of handling while exercise.
    • Minimum flow imprinted on each chamber.
    • Compact design, break-resistance plastic.
    • Dismantled inspiratory limb for cleaning & disinfection purpose.
    • Air filter for enhanced protection during inspiration.
    • Colourful presentation for ease of visualisation.
  • Specification
    Flow Rate (CC) Packaging
    600 cc 1 pc / box
    800 cc 1 pc / box
    900 cc 1 pc / box
    1200 cc 1 pc / box

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