Catheter Mount (CTMT-3600)

Catheter Mount (CTMT-3600)

Catheter mounts are of great use to add ‘that extra length’ to the breathing system when needed. It can be connected with ET tubes for respiration.

  • Features
    • Compatible with all kind of breathing and ventilator circuit.
    • Its provide mobility & flexibility to the patient end of the circuit.
    • Tubes are made of a special flexible co-polymer.
    • Tubes have a minimal compliance with low dead space volume.
  • Options
    • Standard Swivel Mount with Double swivel elbow.
    • Swivel Mount with Port elbow / Plain elbow.
    • Swivel Mount with Double seal cap.
  • Specification
    • Tube Length – 13 cm approx.
    • 22mm Female / 15mm male End to connect breathing system.
    • 15mm female End to connect endotracheal tube.

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