Breathing Filter (3300)

Breathing Filter (3300)

Breathing filter is used to microbiological filtration, humidification, warming inspired gases. Generally, connect in airway between respiratory equipment and patient.

  • Features
    • Generally, contains hydrophobic membrane that provides barrier & electrostatic filtration.
    • Bacterial and viral filters ideally have filtration efficiency of >99.9%
    • HME filters with humidification efficiency up to 33mgH2O/L.
    • Conical fittings are in accordance with ISO standards to ensure good connection stability.
    • Initial set up is simple, quick and secure.
    • Connects to a standard 15mm connector on an endotracheal tube.
    • Placed in line between Y-piece of breathing circuit and ETT.
    • Ease of use, light, can retain their ability to humidify for up to 4 days with minimal change in resistance.
  • Options
    • BVF, HME, BVF-HME.

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